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          Hello, welcome to Elephant Man Han Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd.

          • 呼吸壓力閥,二氧化碳調節壓力閥,凱賽曼型壓力調節閥,機械式調節壓力閥,調節壓力閥,發酵罐壓力閥,不銹鋼壓力閥,

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          Elephant Man Han Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Elephant Man Han Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing fermentation tank valves, safety valves, pressure valves, breathing valve, exhaust valve, sampling valves, pressure regulating valvesvariety high-precision valves. Is a professional production and processing fluid equipment company, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Elephant Man Han Fluid Equipment Co., integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

          Hot Products: beer equipment pressure regulating valve, beer fermentation tank sampling valves, beer equipment breathing valve, pressure regulator valve, stainless steel pressure valve, the first single sampling valve, low pressure breathing valve, breathing pressure valve, beer sampling valves, quick breathing valves, sampling valves fermenter, beer fermentation breathing valve, 2-inch valves and other breathing   

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          Address: Dan Xiangshan County Rd West Valley City Industrial Zone No. 315

          Phone: 135-6664-5242

          Tel: 0574-8950-3810

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          Wenhan fluid equipment

          Address: China Dan City Industrial Zone, Xiangshan County, West Valley Lake Road No. 315

          Tel: 0574-89503810 Phone: 13566645242 Fax:0574-89503810



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